Charles Blow: Pitchforks, Pistols, and Left-Leaning Paranoia

I have found it fascinating that since that before and after the election of President Obama, the Far-Left has engaged in a sort of re-branding of conservatism as an extremist and radical agenda. One wrought with authoritarianism, insanity, and an almost revolutionary zeal.

My sojourn of thought began with an interesting op-ed piece by author Charles Blow, (No, I am not kidding about his name.) of the New York Times. Here is Mr. Blow's assertion on conservatives.

They’re apocalyptic. They feel isolated, angry, betrayed and besieged. And some of their “leaders” seem to be trying to mold them into militias.
Fanciful, eh?

So, if you question the government proposing budgets that will create $9.3 trillion in debt, force social legislation down your throat in the form of judicial activism, telling companies who they can hire and fire, wondering why in a two party system the minority party is being boxed out of the governmental processes, etc., you are of the mind-frame that is perfect for militia recruitment.

I guess I could have stopped there and made my point, however, I started thinking about something a friend said right after the election, "Watch, the Jacobin radicals are going to paint anyone who doesn't fit their thought processes or questions their agendas as extremists or militants. .""Social engineering 101." How true.

Interesting that anyone engaging in a peaceful and democratically sanctioned protest against an increase in government, such as a Tea Party is a right wing nut bent on revolution. Of course, when a Progressive PAC compares a standing President to Hitler it is thought of as trendy. Or maybe when the same above mentioned PAC accuses a very competent American general, whose strategy is actually helping to bring about the end of the Iraq war, a traitor. Or another group which accuses military members of being war criminals, Al-Qaeda was never a threat to America, and that World War II was wrong.

I think Mr. Blow might be the one who is feeling besieged and alone, along with an unhealthy dose of paranoia.

Just to add a little levity to Mr. Blow's idiotic observations here is a video of Stephen Colbert doing a parody of Glenn Beck's 9.12 Project. This has got to be one of the most hilarious videos I have seen in recent memory. Especially at or around 2:20 into the vid.

(H/T Memeorandum)

Update: Just ran across this at Jammie Wearing Fool, Great News! The Left Finally Love the Police. The Far Left is wasting no time.

I am sure this will be used to promulgate Mr. Blow's theory. Of course, the welfare state can be blamed for the black rage that caused the murder of four other officers in Oakland and anti-immigration fervor that caused a Vietnamese immigrant to slaughter fourteen in New York. It's just awesome to politicize tragedy, isn't it?



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