Global Warming and Energy Debate Continues: Newt Gingrich drops the empirical data bomb on Waxman and Gore

Asked to speak at the behest of Republicans at a House subcommittee on global warming and energy, Newt Gingrich educates the subcommittee with his rationale on the subjects. Rep. Henry Waxman of California wasn't too happy about it either.

Here is a video sequence of the hearings.

First in the video lineup is Rep. John Dingell (D-MI.) questioning former Vice President Gore on the benefits of a carbon tax versus cap-and-trade. Dingell reminds us that the latter is a tax, and a "great big one," which could have potentially disastrous consequences no matter how you serve it up.

Next, is former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, taking Gore to task on the facts which he presented concerning global warming. His premise is open the floor to scientific debate on solutions which are far more lucid, something environmentalists such as Gore and Waxman are vehemently against.

The question remains, why are they so frightened of another school of thought which is emerging within research communities, that anthropomorphic global warming may be incorrect?

In this segment, Waxman seems more interested in parliamentary rules for speaking, only as they apply to Gingrich, rather than hearing an opinion which conflicts with his own. Gingrich does a fantastic job of cornering Waxman and obviously gets under his thin skin.

Today's hearings are exemplary of the far-left's intentions for refusing to hear another side of the anthropomorphic global warming debate. The almost cult like zealotry they display and their discounting of scientific data offering a differing opinion is astounding.

Consequently, this must leave a rationally minded person to consider, "What are Progressives so afraid of losing if their claims are refuted?" The answer is simple, "Money and power."

(Videos courtesy of, Dingell and Albert, Gingrich v. Gore, Gingrich v. Waxman)



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