The Tea Party Revolution Reponse

I just received an email from Mike over at The Tea Party and Revolution site thanking us for our critique, I hate that word, of their site. He also posted a nice response further outlining their intentions. I figured since they took the time to respond with a little insight on their organization I could at least reciprocate by posting it.

Here is what Mike had to say,

Thank you for your review of our site. Your assessment of our site is pretty much on target.

We are all about following the Constitution. We have some additional platform ideas. We are not about party or ideology and wish to attract all like-minded Americans concerned about the direction the federal and state governments have taken.

We are not associated with any other conservative site. We do not have any sponsors and are truly grass-roots. We are about BEYOND April 15 and are actively recruiting grass-roots regional people to help organize a platform and other larger scale events.

Thanks again for your review.
I think I like these guys and the direction they are going. If you are interested in their ideas and becoming involved in this worthy cause, I highly suggest you check them out at The Tea Party Revolution.



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