Movie at 11: "The Insanity of the Right:" Starring Mitt Romney, Charles Johnson, and special guest, Barney Frank.

Part-time psychiatrist and full-time Bailout Queen, Bawney Fwank, sorry couldn't resist, has diagnosed the GOP as "suffering from a psychological disorder." This might infuriate most conservatives and Republicans, but he may have been correct. Only not for the reasons he might have concluded.

I guess this website is turning into a bash the leadership of the right blog. Every other post seems to be getting just as critical of them as the Left. In fact, all you have to do is read today's headlines or blogs and you get a feel as to why.

Let's start with Mitt Romney's latest. From the, yesterday.
“I also think its important for us to nod to the president when he’s right,” Romney said. “He will not always be wrong.”

Don't disagree with Mitt on that one, the sun has to shine on a dog's rear side once in awhile. Here is where Mr. Fwank's diagnosis kicks in.

“He’s exhausted alternatives, and I think he’s finally getting close to the right answer,” Romney said.

Huh? By Mitt's philosophy we should wait till Obama has completed his crash course on "The Presidency for Dummies" and trashes our country. Then praise him for "FINALLY" doing the right thing while we gleefully roast marshmallows on the fiery remains of our economy? Sorry Gov. I ain't buying that line of thinking. Please peddle your poison to people of a more purple political color.

Like most airborne pathogens, this particular bug spreads easily and quickly to those who have little or no resistance to its detrimental effects. Like a former jazz musician turned warrior-blogger, or so he thinks, Charles Johnson. From Little Green Footballs, Romney: Don't Wish for Obama to Fail.

Ugh, kids these days. Whatcha going to do?

(H/T to Protein Wisdom)



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