Small Blog Roundup: April14th, 2009

Just some mid-day reading amongst an otherwise uneventful day at the grind. Guess all things considered, it's nice to be chained to a grind when so many people are being released against their wills. I do digress though. On to the Small Blog Round Up.

1) Left Coast Rebel gives us a little history lesson and credit to John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, for his opposition to the Global Warming scam.

2) T.C. Shores of In a Hand Basket, reminds us that maybe there aren't too many differences between Barry H. and George B. after all. Change? Maybe not.

3) Right is Right is pretty sick about Obama and his noids taking credit for the SEAL whacking of three bad guys. Funny part is the author has a pic on her profile of Kathleen Parker. Could it be the infamous one? If it is, she won't like me too much, lol.

4) I Care About America had to remind me that the "Inmates are running the asylum," up on the Hill.

5) Debbie of Debbie's Choice has made the choice that she likes ole Bill O'Reilly. That makes two of us.

6) The lovely ladies at Conservative Women Unite are keeping a running tally of the Obama broken promise list. So far they are up to 511.

7) The rant today at My Daily Rant is, I guess Obama thinks that Americans are too stupid to think for ourselves!

8) We Won't Take Anymore has a hilarious You Tube video posted where Sesame Street meets Bernie Madoff.

9) Right Wing Political News, counts up the ways they hate the how Obama is running the country. Tell us how you really feel, lol.

10) DaBlade over at Chattering Teeth uncovers the real power in Washington calling the shots, the Obama family's new dog, Bo. And here I thought it was an autonomous Teleprompter who has a penchant for blogging.

Hope you enjoyed today's row-day-oh styled roundup. So many little blogs, so little time.



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