Governor Rick Perry supporting Texas State's Rights

The MSM finally picked up the story of states issuing resolutions concerning their sovereignty and federal intrusion. Most of the attention was brought about by Governor Rick Perry (R-TX.) offering his support on behalf of Rep. Brandon Creighton and sponsors of House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 50.

Here is the video of Governor Perry announcing his support.

While, I applaud the Governor for attracting attention to this very interesting issue, his state was not the first. Although it would have been appropriate for Texas, due to historical nature and attitude, to lead the pack, they are in line behind a host of other states which have already offered similar legislation, Update on States' Reaffirming Their Rights and Sovereignty.

This has actually been going on since about June or July of 2008 with Oklahoma being the first. The total number of states issuing resolutions like this one, last time I checked into it, was at about 30 and increasing.

For updates and continuing coverage on 10th Amendment goings on, may I suggest the Tenth Amendment Center.



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