Failure of Liberal Tea Party in DC

I wasn't aware but the Lefties were trying to start a little anti-capitalista Tea Party action of their own, sponsored by the New Way Forward. Well, let's just say that the word "bust" is very appropriate. Oh yeah, did I mention Jane Hamsher was there?

You might remember Jane. She is the Proggie blogger, over at FDL, who was whining about not getting paid by Progressive activist organizations for running their content. I guess she was at the "demonstration" pan-handling payments for services rendered. Talk about karmatic debt in action.

Anyways, here is a video provided by Frank Strategies of the "protest."

From Instapundit, picture of the Pittsburgh Tea Party. Which according to Jane, is financed by Fox News.

Well Jane, if you wouldn't be so vocal about expecting payments, maybe Fox would slide you a little under the table, lol. Big difference in movements eh?

The failure of the Left's protest speaks for itself. But what I am wondering about, is why Hamsher is getting so careless that she is showing up on vids, providing herself as cannon fodder for conservative bloggers. Especially in an obviously embarrassing situation like the one above.

Well, in the interest of saying something nice versus nothing at all, "She has a cute smile under pressure?"

That statement isn't going to go over well, at all. :)

Update: Seems those evil Wingnuts are getting under the epidermis of the not so thick-skinned Proglodytes. Here is the Idiocracy at its worse.

Their strategy, it seems, is spamming Frank Strategies with comments. Yeah, that will show him and those evil Tea-Baggers.

I just can't help myself, this is too damn comical to be taken seriously. But I think this is enough writing about this woman making an ass of herself, consistently.

(Tip o'the lid to the almighty memeorandum)



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