Small Blog Roundup: Sunday, April 12th

So often, smaller blogs go unnoticed while providing some worthwhile commentary on current events and news. I figured why not do a round up of sorts and get their content some well deserved credit. All we can probably provide is a hit and a half, but it's a start.

With that in mind there is not better place to start with than some friends. There is no particular order the posts have been put in, this is just how I came upon them.

1) A frequent read of mine is the Western Experience, written by Jason, one of contributors here at PACT. In his latest post, Jason asks a very suitable question,
How are these pirates becoming so successful?

2) C-Gen of the New Conservative Generation, explores the little reported undercurrents of political rebellion that the Obama administration is facing.

3) The Obama Nation of Common Sense blog, takes Dianne Sawyer to task over her agenda driven piece concerning gun laws.

4) M, Conservative Operative, has a little advice for President Obama, while traveling around the world and bad mouthing the United States on the taxpayer's dime.

5) Shannon Bell over a the Admonition, like Jason, wonders why four guys in a dingy are holding the United States hostage and Shannon is a little sick of pirates.

6) Rob Verdi of the 46, explores how the policies of the administration might just be driving the best and brightest of the financial communities out the industry.

7) Nauta's Sapientia and Dave C over at Point of a Gun, have found a picture of a teleprompter message offering a little advice to the Central Planner and Chief.

8) On the cusp of not being a smaller blog any longer, the well rounded Pundit & Pundette, link up to a Victor Davis Hanson article which gives some timely advice on how to deal with pirates. Pundette, try giving Pundit some glory once in awhile.

9) The Klikster of all things Right, better known as Right Klik, has found a couple of funny videos. One with Nancy Pelosi and a chicken (Don't ask) and the other showing what would happen is someone hacked Obama's telelprompter.

10) With April 15th right around the corner the Classical Liberal has some advice on how to prepare your taxes and what might happen if you don't file, courtesy of Reason Magazine. Thanks for reminding us CL.

If I have forgotten anyone don't fret that one hit we might provide will be coming soon. It wasn't personal, just the order of the read this morning.



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