Brain Drain Media Eating Its Own, Lol!


Seems Peggy Noonan was the latest victim of, as Rush Limbaugh puts it, an MSM drive by. Peggy Noonan, for those of you not familiar with her, is a Conservative writer who is a columnist in the Wall Street Journal, worked for the Reagan administration, Bush I speech writer, producer at CBS, and a published author. Peggy Noonan Biography Yesterday, she was misquoted, ambushed, or whatever you want to call it, by her "colleagues" in the Brain Drain Media at MSNBC. Wow, I would have never expected anyting like this from such a reputable news outlet.

This is how Ms. Noonan relates the story in her Wall Street Column.

On air:

Wednesday afternoon, in a live MSNBC television panel hosted by NBC's political analyst Chuck Todd, and along with Republican strategist Mike Murphy,we discussed Sarah Palin's speech this evening to the Republican National Convention. I said she has to tell us in her speech who she is, what she believes, and why she's here. We spoke of Republican charges that the media has been unfair to Mrs. Palin, and I defended the view that while the media should investigate every quote and vote she's made, and look deeply into her career, it has been unjust in its treatment of her family circumstances, and deserved
criticism for this.

Off air:

When the segment was over and MSNBC was in commercial, Todd, Murphy and I continued our conversation, talking about the Palin choice overall. We were speaking informally, with some passion -- and into live mics. An audio tape of that conversation was sent, how or by whom I don't know, onto the internet. [1]

What was said and its context according to Ms. Noonan:

I got on the subject of the leaders of the Republican party assuming, now, that whatever the base of the Republican party thinks is what America thinks. I made the case that this is no longer true, that party leaders seem to me stuck in the assumptions of 1988 and 1994, the assumptions that reigned when they were young and coming up. "The first lesson they learned is the one they remember," I said to Todd -- and I'm pretty certain that is a direct quote. But, I argued, that's over, those assumptions are yesterday, the party can no longer assume that its base is utterly in line with the thinking of the American people. And when I said, "It's over!" -- and I said it more than once -- that is what I was referring to. [1]

Whether this is true only Ms. Noonan knows. I must first admit I love Peggy Noonan's writing and think she is a brilliant woman. But how irresponsible is it to not know who the enemy is, when that enemy is in your midst, and above all be cautious what you say around them. MSNBC will lie, cheat, and steal this election for Barrack Obama if they are allowed to. They have many little hair brained flunkies floating out there to generate garbage and lies when given the opportunity. Jesus, they are doing to Sarah Palin, it isn't like Ms. Noonan was ignorant to that fact.

I do believe Peggy Noonan and her explanation, but, I am miffed about her lack common sense on this particular issue. She is a consummate professional and has been around these people long enough. She should know what is at stake for them if they lose, the Liberals are going nuclear on this one. If the Republicans lose this it is the malaise that you can see in Peggy. The, "Oh, I can't believe they did this to me." I am wondering if there are many more up top, in the Republican movement, who suffer from this same malady. Some evidence says, "No," while circumstances, like this one say, "Yes."

One pissed off C.T.




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