Congress: How Stupid are They?


Really, stupid. This latest bout is brought to you by the Botox Queen herself, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) and the rest of the tribe.
WASHINGTON -- House Democrats are moving to include a narrowed list of economic-stimulus proposals in a stopgap spending bill, Democratic aides said. The move could reduce chances they will push a more ambitious $50 billion stimulus package this month. [1]

Now I realize this probably won't get pushed through, but, this is all they can come up with? The government has just spent hundreds of billions in bailouts with more to come. Hey, let's add more debt to the American tax payer, they will never notice another $50 billion slipped in. Who do you think is paying for these stimulus packages? If you said the government, go change your party affiliation to stupid. We are paying for it, these stimulus packages are nothing more than loans that us, our children, and grandchildren will be paying for in the years to come. There is no such thing as free money. As is stands, minus some real creative financial wizardry, all of this will be floated by the American taxpayer, so let's add another $50 billion to the pie.
If it clears that hurdle, it faces an uncertain path in the House, where Democrats' allegiance to pay-as-you-go rules is much stronger. The rules require tax breaks and new spending programs to be offset with other tax increases or spending cuts. [1]

You want 30-40% taxation on middle class incomes? Well here you go, this plus all of the other BS, is the prime excuse that will be used to tax the living hell out of us. The Liberals in Congress, even the one's with an (R) attached to their names, would never dream of cutting spending. So, the only alternative is raise, raise, raise, taxes. Here is something new; try cutting taxes across the board, not just certain areas, cut spending across the board, spur investment, and use government oversight, not insane regulatory bodies.
Some Democrats have called for spending billions on infrastructure projects and increasing funds for the Medicaid health program for the poor, arguing the government shouldn't rescue floundering Wall Street firms but slam the door on individuals who've been battered by the housing slump or lost jobs. [1]

Oh how quaint, they want infrastructure projects and more spending on Medicaid another over bloated mismanaged government program on the brink of collapse, so let's throw more money at it. On the comical side, the Dems jump all over Palin for getting earmarks to fund infrastructure projects in Alaska and here they are. Wow!What can I say?

Our little technocrats are all befuddled and where is America's best and brightest? Is spending money and looking to antiquated solutions for modern day problems the best they can up with? My recommendation to Congress; quit worrying about the election, start worry about the electorate. Maybe try doing your jobs with a certain degree of fervor and interest.


[1] Democrats Narrow Priorities



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