Palin/Jindal in 12'?


As we have learned with this election cycle, college football last season, and NFL football, nothing is set in stone. You can pontificate and predict about the outcome of a situation all you want, but there is always that "wildcard" effect. Palin was that wildcard this election cycle. Without her intervention, or so it would seem, McCain probably would have put a respectable fight against Obama but inevitably lost the election. In the last stretch he introduces Palin and all of sudden not only is he a viable contender, but winning to some degree.

Bit, let's take a look past this and into one possible future. Let's just say McCain/Palin win and John McCain decides not to run for a second term. Where does that leave Sarah? Obviously running for the Prez, but who would she run with? More than likely Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.

Even if Hillary ran with a decent VP pick, I do not think she could stand up to the onslaught of these two. It would be the dynamic duo. I am not sure in history if you have ever had two governors running for the offices of President and Vice President on the same ticket. Forget about the fact that Palin would have had been Veep for 4 years.

Now this assumption is based on a lot of "ifs." First, McCain wold have to decide that he was to old to run for the office again, which McCain has a reputation for being a very vigorous man, even for his age. Secondly, they have to win this election. Thirdly, Bobby Jindal has to feel his work for Louisiana is done. Fourthly, McCain/Palin would have to have a successful Presidency, which I feel they will.

If any of this happens and that is the ticket in 12' it would cement the Conservative movement in this country for the 20-30 years. Wow could you imagine almost a half century of lower taxes, individual rights, free market, environmental conservation, a decent military, and just some decent values. Not a bad possibility.




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