Palin Punditry (Part Deux)


Okay, I admit, I have been way wrapped up in the Palin frenzy. Nor, do I apologize for it. It was a cathartic release of years of frustration with the Republicans. If I had a dime for everytime I heard a Conservative say, "We need a darkhorse to get the GOP back on track," I would be wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. For many of us we thought that it was Fred Thompson, message good, messenger, not so. (Still love yah Fred!) Then, ironically, out of the wilderness of Alaska steps Sarah Palin. But, why were so many drawn to her instantly? Realistically no one, before a week ago, knew anything about her. I had read some other bloggers and pundits saying , that she would be a great pick, not many but a few. Well, they were on to something.

But the question still remains, why are we so attracted to her? Is it because she is a very attractive woman? Her intellect? Her presence or philosophies? Her family? A little of all that, but, I think there is one more factor that plays out in this more than anything else. She is an underdog and the average American loves the underdog, especially one that fights back to win.

Americans, by nature, like a winner, but they love a winner who is not supposed to win even more. This is Sarah Palin and she was thrust into that role almost immediately. The MSM attacks on her are only going to strengthen support for her in the GOP and potentially among swing voters, Indies, and Hillary supporters. Add that to McCain's, "Country First," motto and you could have yourself a very successful campaign. Everyone might just be getting the message.

Palin seems to be someone we can identify with, especially right now. People feel the government is kicking them around and the media is lying to them. She is representative of those feelings and the more they attack and the more she fights back the more popular she will become. Sarah, if you make it don't forget where you came from, keep that attitude and the American voter will always stand by you.




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