Another Case of the Pandemic, PDS


More Holly-weird coming out of the woodwork. The latest to be diagnosed with PDS is washed up comedian, Chevy Chase. Of course spewing vile rhetoric and stupidity, yawn, it is getting tiresome.

Flecth, betcha he doesn't wanted to be reminded of those movies, was at a charity fund raiser for environmental awareness in schools. Assisting in funding Al Bore's indoctrination process into the Church of the GoreBull Warming. It was here he took an opportunity to fire one at Sarah Palin.

WILLIE GEIST: You were there, Saturday night, your old stomping ground. What did you make of Tina Fey?

CHEVY CHASE: Well, I thought, I mean, it's extraordinary how well she played her and how much she looked like her. I'd just like her to be—personally I felt we didn't need the Hillary stuff. I'd like her to go even harder. I want her to decimate this woman. This is a, this woman is, I mean I can't believe isn't more about her. All the media have and the press have been going "oh, she's a wonderful, oh God, her speech was great." Just unbelievable to me that this woman is running for vice-president.

Wow, I love how we didn't need any of the Hillary stuff. Oh no that is offensive, but, Sarah? Aaaah, go ahead she is just trailer park trash. Chase, longtime idiot and moron, may have forgotten that it is now a little bit of a snarky but playful tradition on SNL to make fun of the candidates and politicians.

Now let's keep this mental midget's resume in mind while he criticizes Governor Palin. Left SNL after a year and a half citing that he was "hated on the set," who would have figured that, turned down the role of Otter in Animal House, thank God because Time Matheson pulled that one off, starred in the Fletch movies, said Three Amigos was his best film ever, turned down the lead role in the Academy award winning American Beauty, not to mention the several flops he has appeared in over the years. Chase has been trying to gain the notoriety and the celebrity he once attained for about five years in the early eighties. To date he has never been able to shake the has been status and now is known for brief moments of stupidity such as this. Great contribution to humanity, Chevy!


[1] 'I Want Her to Decimate This Woman'



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