Whooooppppiiii Goldberg, Palin Wants to "Succeed" From US


I don't even know why I am writing about this. I guess it was to damn funny to pass up. This latest attempt at Liberal brain drain is brought to you by that intellectual giant of a woman, Whoopi Golberg, via News Busters.

Whoopi sez:
"Sarah Palin Is a Very Dangerous Woman," she lobs a wild pitch about the Alaskan Independence Party kerfuffle: "I also thought that this idea of America first coming from her was kind of strange because she was one of the people who wanted to succeed from the United States. She was part of a campaign to succeed Alaska from the United States of America." [1]

Do I really need to say anything? Oh, don't worry though, it gets better.

Whoopi goes on to say:
"This girl is dangerous to me. This is a very dangerous woman, because I believe for her intents and purposes, she’s OK if everybody lives a certain way, that is to say, the way God ordained men and women to be. Well, already she’s breaking that because she’s the daddy. She’s going to run the country and the husband is going to take care of the kids. I just found the whole thing sad and very musty and very much like a Bund rally, but maybe that was just me." [1]
Huh? Does this Football Bat have any clue what she is blithering about? I think this intellectual train wreck wrote this in-between bong hits. Although, there is more, it is actually getting sad that this woman is that stupid. I'm out.


[1] Whoopi Goldberg: Palin Sounds Pro-Nazi, Wants to 'Succeed' From U.S.



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