Obamania, Palinmania, it's all still mania.


One of the worries I have about the election, as of late, is the flip flopping going on. I don't mean on positions, either. It is the flip flopping on perception by the American public concerning Palin. This is not an admonishment of her or me saying I have found something in her past that I just cannot get over, it is a critique of all of us, the voters.

First most people were so wrapped up in the Obamania, frothing at the mouth for the center piece of "Change," most acted like 2nd rate wrestling fans. Then everyone started getting glib, save his most ardent supporters, about Obama when the "winds of change" started to subside and the truth started coming out.

Now, enter Sarah Palin. People have put her on a pedestal so far they are dooming her for failure if she doesn't come through on these lofty expectations. They are making her out to be a Conservative icon,which she may become one day, before she has had the chance to serve as VP. Let's look at Ronald Reagan for a moment, history and his actions painted him as the modern day cornerstone of the Conservative movement. Although he was loved and respected by many Americans, while President, I do not think the average person figured he would rise to the levels that he has ascended to. He was given a chance to succeed or fail and he succeeded. This is how we should approach Governor Palin, if we are realistic about her, she just may surprise everyone, even those on the Left.

With this in mind, I simply do not understand why it is so hard for the American public, news junkies included, to get off of the American Idol trip with our candidates. They are not gods, they are not celebrities, they are not movie stars, they are politicians and hopefully leaders. They are not to be revered and have faults, that is okay, I like knowing that they are still human. It keeps me grounded in my perceptions of them and their actions.




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