GOP Geurilla Fighters and Insurgents


Politics up to a month ago was down right boring. Yes, we heard the droning on about Obama and how he is NeObama( Guess that makes Biden, Borepheus.) and he is going to take down the Repub-a-matrix.

Then something interesting happened, Nancy Pelosi would not let the Congress vote to reverse its moratorium on offshore drilling. It started a little rebellion in the House by the Republican representatives. Of course, it did not get much coverage, the media shyed away from the "energy rebellion." Names like Hensarling (R-Tex), Foxx (R-NC), Stearns (R-FL), and many others started appearing and forming a little geurilla unit of pissed off Repubs. Unfortunately, they did not get much coverage or credit for it.

Then things lulled again and we were all wrapped up in Georgia getting invaded by Russia, this demanded our attention. But it started showing chinks in NeObama's armor, the big and bad national security weakness reared its ugly head once more. McCain struck hard an quick, I would think actually worrying the Obama camp for the first time since Rev. Wright. Then we got Borepheus (Biden) to counter balance that attack and that worked fairly well.

The DNC comes and goes, with NeObama giving the glowing and rhetorical speech of a lifetime. Delivered to us not from Zion, but, a cheezy 6 million dollar Greek backdrop, created by Britney Spears' stage designer. Then Sarah Palin enters and everything gets thrown on its backside.

Fiscal reformer, took on her own corrupted party and won, saved Alaskan taxpayers billions, etc.
Not exactly the person who is high on the hill with the Country-Club-Republican-Blue-Bloods. The only thing blue about Sarah Palin is her collar and that is what Joe and Josephine Six-Pack can relate to. She is an insurgent, on a state level, in her own party. A reminder of the way things used to be and could be again.

Couple her with John McCain, Maverick, start playing some Kenny Loggins, and change her call sign to Goose, sorry Sarah. She is a perfect fit for the old man, they are alike in many ways and different in some. McCain, like it or not, used to piss of the Conservative base with his constant running across the aisle to the "enemy," Palin's "enemy" was the Republican Party of Alaska. But nevertheless, McCain has led fights against pork and high taxes and that, even at times, has had him at odds with the GOP. But, both have fought their party to clean it up and now they are at the top of the heap, because of this insurgent mindset.

This is what the face of the GOP is starting to look like; McCain, Palin, Jindal, Hensarling, Coburn, DeMint, etc. Even if the GOP loses in 08' the Republican party is not dead. It was said that the Repubs needed to go back into the wilderness to find themsleves. Funny, I guess they did it in Alaska.




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