Oprah and Sarah: Is Oprah Snubbing Her?


Is Oprah snubbing Sarah Palin? First off, let me state this; As Conservatives we have to remember that our philosophies are not just inclusive to people who are Conservatives or vote GOP. Echoing Senator McCain's, "Country First." At the end of the day we are all Americans and our Conservative views about liberty and individual freedoms apply to everyone, not just a select few.

Now, my opinion will probably be a lightening rod but you have to be objective about this. First off, Oprah is a hard core capitalist, I like that about her. I despise her political views and opinions, but that is a non-issue. Secondly, it is her right as a business owner to have whomever she wants to have on her show. Thirdly, trying to force her to have Sarah Palin on is a violation of my beliefs. Remember, the show is hers and is fueled by her viewers, if they want Sarah Palin on then I would suggest to Oprah, have her on. If she doesn't it would be an idiotic business move driven by political ideology, but, that is Oprah's financial choice and right as the controlling interest of Harpo Productions, not ours. If she wants the perception of fairness, one week have Senator Obama on then the next week have Governor Palin on. In the end, it is her right not to have her on, but, it is your right not to watch.




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