Dumbowit Failure on Thursday. Could They Be This Stupid?


I gave CT the day off, he has been reading so much his eyes are buggin' out of his head and it was making him come up with all sorts of wild ideas. Well, I was more than obliged to pick up this post for Palin, the VPILF. I liked CT's little conspiracy theory about Schmidt, chief McCain campaign strategist, being a diabolical madman. Schmidt, according to CT, has Palin locked up in a cage and feedin' her raw meat and gunpowder, getting her mean for the debate.

Little off the wall CT, I must say. But here is a clown from the LA Times, Andrew Malcolm, that might agree with CT, just a little.
The upcoming downside for the Obama-Biden campaign is that its supporters became so flustered over Palin's surprisingly explosive popularity coming out of the GOP convention. They have so successfully mocked, derided and lowered expectations for Palin in Thursday night's VP debate that if she doesn't drool or speak in tongues, many millions still open to persuasion will be impressed. [1]

Well, Obamination definitely has a rep for thinking he can walk on water, especially when he is winning. Which according to the last Gallup as Ras. he is doing quite handily. But, the Dumbowits have made the exact mistake CT was talking about before, courtesy of Rove, the evil genius bent on world domination.
Al Gore's campaign made the exact same mistake going into the 2000 debates. So all Texas Gov. George W. Bush had to do was not lose. [1]

Looking at what this clown is saying, maybe my little brain child was close to right. Of course I am just an ignorant peasant so I agree with anything that sounds good. Malcom finsihed off his theory about Palin with this then went on about her parents.
In that sense, Democrats may have played right into a PR cul-de-sac. Biden, for instance, described Palin as merely better-looking than him. A far better communications strategy would have been to insincerely portray Palin with superlatives as a superwoman, making it harder, not easier, for her to impress. Too late now. [1]

I don't think CT got it all right about Schmidt having this great plan. I think that the McCain camp screwed up by being over protective of Palin and now realizes it. The lady is talented, not to mention hot, and to keep her leashed up is a sin. He also got it right about Obambi and his mindless minions being over confident. They might have played into McCain's hands with Palin, but I don't think it was by design, as CT thinks. One other thing that is more important, even if CT and Malcolm are correct, is that the Left has to be wrong about Palin and she has to deliver. No amount of over confidence or Biden making an ass out of himself with help her with that. Guess we will know the truth in a few days, can't wait!


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[1] How Democrats set Sarah Palin up to 'win' Thursday's VP debate



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