Obama Blitz, Effective Weakness


With all the media blitz against Governor Palin and John McCain a few things have been seriously overlooked as weaknesses on the part of the Left. I am left to wonder why the McCain camp has not exploited them.

1) The first is the Obama has seemingly invoked the "nuclear option" with Palin. What I mean is that the effectiveness of Obama's speech diminished within almost 12 hours of it presentation. Palin stole the headlines and continues to, even though most of the press is negative. This put the Obama camp into a precarious situation where they had to fire off in a vicious rapid succession, through the MSM, their own camp, and Liberal attack dogs such as the KOS. Whether they were effective cannot be measured on a day to day basis, but in weeks, and whether they shot the wad or not still remains to be seen.

2) The position that Palin is not the one running for President has already been made. But no one has even made mention of why the Democratic Presidential nominee is constantly being compared to the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee. That right there shows the weakness of experience an character on the part of Obama as a viable candidate. His resume pales in comparison to McCain and therefore he has to relegate his attacks on the experience issue to Palin.

3) Concentrating on the experience issue, no one has even bothered to bring up the fact, what if something happens to Joe Biden while Obama is in office? The gap he supposedly fills in Obama's resume re-opens. Then there is the point that it is not the Vice President's job to "fill in gaps" on the President's resume. The nominee for President should be a generalist and have all the boxes checked. I do realize that some areas on a candidates resume will be stronger than others, but there shouldn't be a gap as big as the Grand Canyon, like Obama has. Palin is not serving in this capacity to McCain, the Veep job is one you can have some OJT, not the Office of President.

4) Everyone in the Left Brain Drain Media has opted to make the "burden of proof" lie with Governor Palin on all of these issues and lies brought up by the Left's bloggers. There has been little to no admonishment of the Kos or even anything that resembles an apology being issued publicly. The issue of the KOS has been conveniently glossed over and we are expected to forget about it. To bring this issue to the forefront, the Palins should sue the KOS for libel. Even if they decided to drop the charges, it would generate a lot of publicity to keep the issue alive and well.

Unfortunately, we all want results right away. But, the effects of the horrible and irresponsible media blitz against Palin and her family remains to be seen. They will have either Quayleified her, thus negating her effectiveness to the ticket. Made her a sympathetic victim, this could bring some votes but probably not enough to shift the outcome in favor of McCain. Finally, depending on how she holds up could be the deal maker or breaker. If she stays tough, she and McCain sould have it. This is the best outcome for McCain/Palin, it will show she is ready for the national and international stage and categorically display her ability to maintain her poise while under serious scrutiny and fire. That would be a real vote grabber.




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