House Republicans and Emanuel: The Undercurrents of Partisan Hate.

There is a really great article posted on the Daily Beast concerning the development of the House GOP resistance to the stimulus package. Interesting to note is the power and influence that Rahm Emanuel is deploying. Do we have the CoS position being redefined as Dick Cheney did with the Vice Presidency?

The article is written by John Batchelor, a radio host syndicated in New York, San Francisco, DC, and Los Angeles. I have never heard of him before, nor do I know anything about him, however, his piece is well written and quite enlightening.

Sticking It to Rahm

by John Batchelor

The Daily Beast-"Rahm, you don't waste a crisis," a senior Republican, speaking on the phone in a mock dialogue, pretended to tease White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel the day before the stimulus bill vote in the House of Representatives. "Rahm, you're making the Clinton mistake going for spending in a crisis. Reagan radically adjusted the tax code in his crisis. Rahm, all you’re trying to do is scare people, like Hank Paulson did with the TARP. It won't work this time. We're wise to it. Rahm, you won't get ten votes from us. Not ten." read more...

Well we now how this played out, and evidently Rahm's only response was,

Emanuel’s answer to the Republican shutout is to announce that the Democratic Party will target Republicans by running campaigns in their districts to tell the voters that their representative “voted against 4 million jobs.”

I think I can already guess the GOP reply, "We might have voted against 4 million jobs, but, let's not forget the 8 million the Liberals lost, the worthless dollar, and the 9 trillion in debt your great-great-great-great grandchildren will still be paying on." "All the while, we were trying to lower your taxes and jump start the economy by directing tax cuts towards small businesses and tax payers, not special interest groups." But, Rahm, Nancy, and Barry wouldn't budge."

I wonder who will win that one, Rahm?



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