Glenn Beck: Conspiracy Theorist or Realist?

Glenn Beck's Friday performance about current real world scenarios going apocalyptic has met with fierce criticism, as well as some considering his points. Either way, even if you think he is nuts, the main part of his message is worth considering.

Glenn Greenwald of, has taken issue with Beck's segment on Friday called the "War Room." Here is Beck's opening statement of this segment.

This is Beck's explanation of why he did such a potentially controversial show.

Is Beck a "nut" as Greenwald points out? I personally don't know, but this judgment isn't just reserved by the Left, there is also criticism coming from Little Green Footballs and somewhat from Hot Air.

What is interesting is in Greenwald's world when a person analyzes the bleak situations surrounding us and says "be prepared" or have some "situational awareness," automatically there is a parallel drawn between that person and a group of right wing militia types hold up in, as Allahpundit puts it, lead-lined bunkers. I see no criticism, from Greenwald, of the White House for their usage of these same tactics and strategies for getting the stimulus package pushed down our throats.

Nevertheless, will any of Beck's claims translate into civil war or New York turning into Mexico City? I don't profess to know. What I do know is this is starting to extend far past just economic fears. According to Rasmussen, only 28% of Americans feel that the country is headed in the right direction. The psychology of the Middle American public is radically different than it was 40 years ago, they are under economic siege and they know it.

The first signs of dissatisfaction and anger are starting to appear. As noted here, 6 states have issued legislation relating to reaffirming states' rights under the 10th Amendment, Rick Santelli and traders at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange are expressing virulent outrage towards the White House for their economic strategy, to a standing US Senator warning abut civil unrest and violence, and gun sales skyrocketing.

Crazy? Maybe, but definitely worth considering. Our little plastic world is quickly melting down and where it's going to take us is anyone's guess. Admittedly, Beck forms some pretty far reaching scenarios that borderline on paranoid, but, the idea of being prepared is the message I got the most out of. And I don't mean hunkering down in the mountains of Montana, learning survival techniques, and grabbing every weapon in sight. Right now, the best course of action is stay educated, think logically, but creatively, and stay focused on what is important; your family, friends, and yourself (If you believe in God, then add Him to the list, too). Don't get to caught up in apocalyptic scenarios, but ponder all the situations that are possible, and above all else have a plan. Remember, these are trying times and luck favors the prepared.

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Marsha said...

Someone has to take a stand here and make people THINK about what is happening. I believe that is what Glenn is trying to accomplish. The War Room is just one way even though it might be scarry to think about we have to take control of our country again.
I wonder what our men and women in the military are thinking when they are fighting for our safety and the FREEDOM OF THE UNITED STATES and they feel they should be here with their families fighting to save the UNITED STATES?
Keep our minds alert Glenn and help us to pull together to make it right.

Critical Thinker said...

Yes we have to take control of our country. But the biggest question on most people's minds is how? Right now it is through accountability of our elected officials by staying informed on their actions and legislation. Then when the first opportunit arises vote for the competent candidates and vote out the incompetent. We still have a really good shot at doing it right.

Alien Patriot said...

Isn't it funny that people want to take over the nation just a few months after O's inauguration. He is the master of doom and gloom and it will haunt him. Is he really surprised that the people are freaking out?

Critical Thinker said...

Well howdy, TAP. Bout damn time you came out of self-imposed exile. Your point, as always, is well taken.


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