Reverend Obama: The Economic Apocalypse is Now!

In the Washington Post, President Obama wrote an Op-Ed concerning the need for the immediate passage of the stimulus bill to halt the economic decline into the pit of Hades. His opening salvo went a little like this, "By now, it's clear to everyone that we have inherited an economic crisis as deep and dire as any since the days of the Great Depression." Really?

Not two days ago we put together this, The Stimulus Package: Fear Mongering and Crisis Propagation, the Liberal Way showing that, presently, this crisis is not even as bad as the recession of 1981-82. The question still remains,"How is this as "deep and dire" as the Great Depression?" There is no comparison.

The President is once again displaying his penchant for the ingenious and dramatic. By preemptively releasing this editorial on the eve of Friday's expectantly dismal job report, he is distracting the American populace from the real issues at hand; the bill's gross ineffectiveness and expense. Obviously, though, the White House panic over the bill getting passed has more to do with the current state of opposition to the bill rather than the economic situation.

Unfortunately for us the realism of economic history is being purposely overlooked by the media as well as the government. Obie's chronic attempts at fear tactics, supplemented with a willing media and spineless Senators, will undoubtedly guarantee the bill's passage with little or no positive changes.

We can't forget those hungry little lobbyists who have to eat. Since they worked so diligently for the companies and banks to assist the passage of the TARP. Not to mention, with all this pork going around and their industry doing so well, what's not to love about spreading a little fear, all in the name of making a profit?



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