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Yesterday, we covered that New Hampshire was presenting a bill which reasserts state sovereignty under Jeffersonian principles. Well, it seems that there are more and all but one, including New Hampshire, are as recent as late January.

One of our commentors, Phaedrus, provided a list of states that have very similar bills on their Legislative floors. So I decided to follow up and do a little information gathering.

Here are the states and links to the their bills.

Arizona-HCR 2024-First Regular Session 2009. Overall message of bill is states' rights, under the 10th Amendment.

Michigan-HCR 4-Presented earlier this year, the text of the Bill is located on page two of the PDF at the bottom and is totally dedicated to the states' rights issue.

Missouri-HR 212-Now this bill is geared towards an abortion issue, but it cited state sovereignty under the Tenth amendment as its opposition to the Freedom of Choice Act. It has since been replaced by a substitute bill HR 294

Montana-HB 0246-This bill was enacted to exempt the state of Montana from any federal regulation of weapons and ammunition under the pretense of the 10th amendment.

Washington State-HJM 4009 - 2009-10-Again dealing totally with states' rights under the 10th amendment. WA. actually had enough balls to deliver this straight to the "Honorable," Barack Obama, himself.

Oklahoma-HJR 1089 -This is straight state sovereignty legislation which was proposed back in June or July of 2008.

All of these bills, with the exception of Oklahoma, are bills which have been presented as of 2009. Another point I would like to make is we do not know which ones have been ratified by their state legislators.

Furthermore, as pointed out by Opie in his article about New Hampshire, this is not saying that states' are getting ready to secede. However, it does show a willingness to challenge the present day notion that states are the agents of the federal government, while Constitutionally, it is reversed. Many thanks to Phaedrus for finding the initial info, we appreciate it.

Finally, as Opie said , "These are very interesting times." Indeed, they are.



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