Usurping the Constitution: House Judiciary Resolution 5

Mini-Post: In early January, before President Obama took the oath, a House Judiciary member, Rep. José Serrano (D. NY-16) presented legislation H.J. Res. 5. This resolution sought to repeal the 22nd Amendment of the Constitution, thus removing any term limitations on a President.

This information was originally attained from Though, upon further investigation it seems the bill has been sitting in committee, more specifically the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties, since January 9th. This is according to the Library of Congress.

Interesting that even before Obama was sworn in someone was thinking about a making him into a new Franklin Roosevelt, or tyrant, by usurping the Constitution.


Phaedrus said...

This is interesting to keep in mind since the 22 amendment wasn't passed until 1947 and wasn't ratified until 1951. Food for thought for all those yelling for a return to Jeffersonian days. And I'll admit that with over 1090 bills in the House of Representatives and over 440 bills in the Senate, the intention and perserverance of the Social Democrats is pretty obvoius and the context of the MAJORITY of these bills is enough to make one shake their head in disbelief.
However, occasionally someone actually proposes a bill that while I may agree with its message I believe it insane that the need for the bill exists.
This is the case with H. CON. RES. 19 and S. J. RES. 6.
And... while I know our attention is being drawn other places right now, I think it's important to stay focused on the outcome of bills like this to preserve as much of this country as we can.

Critical Thinker said...

Concerning the Jeffersonian principles, FDR's 4 term run was in direct violation of those and Washingtonian principles. Although, the 22nd amendment was not passed until 1947, as you correctly stated, does not take away from its representation of these two philosophies. Keep in mind, time is not a measure on the wisdom of principles.

Secondly, this was not the first time legislation like this was attempted. If memory serves me correctly, it was also attempted during Reagan's term and Carter's as well.

As you already know, this website is an attempt to keep some eyes on a few of those 1500 bills and bringing them to a few eyes in the public. Just so people know what their "leaders" are trying to get over on them. It might help come election time and further.

Keep the bills coming and we will keep reporting.

Phaedrus said...

O I C U 8 1 2
either way, certain ammendments to the constitution are necessary however unfortunate that may sound. Whether or not they are Jeffersonian in principle is debatable. For example, take the banks, please.
I may be getting a little deeper than the intent of this blog, but I still believe that Democracy needed for a relatively newly evolving country will not meet the needs of one that has gained the size of the present United States.
That being said, I also believe that social undercurrents must be controlled and not supercede individual freedoms.

Critical Thinker said...

O I C U 8 1 2 <----- Great albumn..ahem..CD.

"That being said, I also believe that social undercurrents must be controlled and not supercede individual freedoms."

Totally, 100%, unequivocally, agreed!

Phaedrus said...

Uh Oh,
When the six syllable words start flying it's time for me to sign off.


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