Obama's State of the Union and Bobby Jindal's Republican Response

Kind of an unprecedented night as far as the annals of political history go. Our first Progressive Black President offering a State of the Union and the Republican response delivered by our first Indian American Governor and potential 2012 candidate for the POTUS.

What I got from Obama was a setup for TARP II, more green agendas, nationalized health care, and the expected Hope theme. Jindal gave a less animated, tax cut philosophy and small government retort with an admission about GOP inadequacies to deliver on their philosophy in the past few years. Both hit the now popular meme of "American exceptionalism."

Here are links to each speech, in case you missed them, and want to read or reread them.

Video of Obama speech.

Jindal speech.

Just curious about your opinions on message, style, and integrity of President Obama versus Governor Jindal.

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RightKlik said...

Obama's tripe was insufferable, I couldn't stand it beyond the first five minutes.

Jindal's ideas and conservative vision are unsurpassed. He needs to sharpen his speaking skills, but I think he can beat Obama. I'd love to see those two square off in a debate. Jindal would clean Obama's clock.

Critical Thinker said...


Check out the video posted from an interview on the Today Show this morning. Not on uh, straight brain power, and effective commiunciation.

When Jindal has a speech wirter or teleprompter, it seems to hinder him, unlike our Pres. I have seen him speak impropmtu here in Louisiana and it was remarkable. That is why last night was such a disappointment.


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