The Road Kill Report (v. 1.0)

Welcome to the 1st edition of the Road Kill Report. Where we quickly master the art of devolving into ignorance, with an intellectual twist.

Master of Puppets: Seems Obie is telling lobbyists and special interests to, "Bring it on," while his cultish dolts are more than willing pick up the special interest flag. As long as it suits their agenda.

Frayed Ends of Sanity: Warren Buffet told his shareholders that,

"the nation's economy will be in shambles throughout 2009."

But Buffett remains optimistic about the country's future. He says America has faced bigger economic challenges in the past, including two World Wars and the Great Depression.

He says America's best days remain ahead.

I am not sure we want to be listening to any financial forecasting from this bipolar economic prognosticator, Berkshire Hathaway Reports Worst Year Ever.


Disposable Heroes:The Prez, as he likes to be called now, gave a little speech on downsizing the forces Iraq to the infantry alpha dogs of the USMC at Camp Lejeune. All the while letting them know they are going from one meat grinder to another and some of them and their brethren will kind of sort of, but not really, be remaining in Iraq.


Well that's it for the Road Kill Report (v 1.0). The place, where hope got run over by an eighteen wheeler. Hope you enjoyed today's Metallica theme.

Inspired by my love of small dead animals, read them frequently and often.



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