Where was this Bobby Jindal?

There has been an interesting comparison between Obama's delivery of the State of the Union and Governor Bobby Jindal's response. Obama has been considered to be lofty and elevating, while Jindal was thought of as boring and ineffective.

How true, Bobby Jindal seems to be the anti-Obama, in more ways than one.

From the Today Show this morning,

Conclusion, Obama needs a teleprompter and speech writer to communicate effectively. Jindal needs to be on his feet with some questions being fired at him, the flipside of the coin from the President. It's a shame not too many people will see this side of Jindal, using his brain more than rhetoric.


OmegaPundit said...

Not bad. Where was that in his speech? He looked more intellectually passionate and engaged. I couldn't stand the Alfred E Newman approach they used with his GD speech last night. It made him look like a boob.

Jindal needs to fire all of his speech writers and continue speaking on the cuff, it suits him. Did anyone hear an "uh" in this interview?

RightKlik said...

Jindal could have done better. No teleprompters next time.

Jason said...

I was nauseated by his performance. Watching that hurt me. I'm a Jindal supporter and consider him a force of nature. This interview proves that. Anyone who followed his career and performances would be inclined to agree.

But, if last night was to be his lift off, it resulted in a fizzle and not even a pop.

Governor Jindal, handle your own speeches and performances from here on out. You stick to interviews like this and you will overcome that disastrous performance.

The man has natural campaign attributes and would be hard to match trailblazing the country. He will need some PR and damage control for a while, however, the way to do that is to do more interviews like this. He can overcome but that speech sat him back a bit.

Critical Thinker said...

Agreed Jason,

I was more disappointed that Jindal fell short. If you read the text of the speech it was fantastic, it was just not presented with his usual demeanor of confidence. Long term this is nothing, short term minor damage control required.


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