Al Franken Setback, but not far enough.

After a long sabbatical in the wastelands with the Dalai Lama of Conservatism, I figured a return to world of bloggin' against the mundane and tedious species of morons known as Progressives was in order.

Speaking of morons, Al Franken, village idiot at large, seems to be having trouble with Norm Coleman. At least as far as the courts are concerned. (Hey Norm, great haircut!)

Today, a Minn-eee-sotan court ruled that 4,800 of the 11,000 rejected ballots that Coleman requested to be counted will be reviewed. According to the article, Franken had requested the count be limited to just 650. Just wondering why the good reverends, Jackson and Sharpton, aren't in Minn. trying to protect these 11,000 "disenfranchised" voters?

Obviously, Frankenberry is worried about the disintegration of his modest 225 vote lead. Coleman's legal spokesman Ben Ginsberg said, “We’re thrilled.” While on the Left, Franken's head recount attorney Marc Elias said, “I don’t view it as a loss for either side or a win for either side.” Of course you don't Marc.

Jury is still out on this one, literally. Although, I am sure we can expect more legal chicanery from the Al Freaken camp, just wonder which creative, underhanded, and slimy course they are gonna choose. Vegas has 10-1 odds on them highjacking the truck carrying the ballots, ACORN style.

Out of bloggin' courtesy to the big boys, H/T Powerline for the turn on to the Star Tribune article.



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