President Obama's News Conference, the Press, and Softball

I can honestly say I am the stupider for having watched the President's news conference, it was painful, dreary, and tedious. Believe it or not I was actually sympathetic for the man, he looked nervous and was obviously, not in control. Guess cause there wasn't a script or a teleprompter.

The two highlights for me were Obama's dodging of Major Garrett's question about Joe the Gaffemeister's statement of a 30% chance probability of failure, concerning some unknown discussion he and the President had, to Helen Thomas's statement, "the so called terrorists" in Pakistan. Has anyone let her know that this isn't the Roosevelt administration? I am talking about Teddy.

With something like 12-13 very SOFT questions, 165 "uh's," and looking like he was getting ready to urinate on himself, the President's sale of of himself and the stimulus was about a 4.5 on a scale of 1-to-10. What happened to the gifted orator, the modern day Winston Churchill? I guess its hard to sell lies, even if you are a lawyer.

Stay tuned for more exciting analysis as the transcripts of the conference become available. I wonder if they are going to cut out the uh's.

Photo credit to Doug Mills/ The New York Times


Anonymous said...

All the uhs is for cause he is a human being. We aint all perfected.He is sooo right. I never has to worry bout the companies trying to make me pay for my stuff sens the govmint is going to make sure it is all good.He is the best thing sens brown sugar. And what he was gonna say but didnt want to offend you white folks is that if that steroid man had been playing basketball to begin with then he wont need that stuff as long as he can jump high.


Critical Thinker said...

Lol, there is no sarcasm in this comment.

Mia Mitchell said...

I can attribute his nervousness because it's a new big role for him. He's in control of the whole American nation so it's kind of hard for him to remain calm in his speeches.

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Phaedrus said...

Interesting outlook, seems like just last night I was telling CT that alot of people excuse O-Bomb-Us's incompetence by using it as a way to relate to him as a person.
However, just as interesting is that when he comes off arrogant the same people attribute this to confidence and compliment his oration.
What this boils down to is we really don't know who this man is yet (I'm not reffering to his character, either), because he has kept a sort of eminence front up throughout his campaign. I can excuse some nervousness but where was it during the primaries? My suspicion is that he knows he is going to have to own this bill and a few others.
Think about it, it is easy to criticize everything someone does, and up to now he has been able to blame everything on Bush. But now it is time to implement what he has preached he will do. Most of his promises included so many sects of people that it would be literally impossible to keep them all. Now he has to start selectively politically ostracizing some to please others. This is enough to make anyone nervous. The question still remains, where is this great confident orator that we all saw previously? Maybe now that he has access to more information, and may have even read a book or two about history instead of "RULES FOR RADICALS", he is seeing that his whole pipedream plan of world unity and free money will not work. In addition to this the media is starting (and I emphasize the word starting) to see the flaws in his proposals. So if he is a little nervous, GOOD! He should be scared as hell. Remember 47 percent of us, if we don't include ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now)assisted votes, voted against this man. Alot of people who voted for him did so out of hatred for Bush. Many of "We The People" are watching, waiting, and preparing for what this guy will do next. So I hope you are corect and that he is nervous. Unfortunately, I have my doubts.


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