Robert Stacy McCain is "patient zero."

I am offering up a tantalizing supposition that the plague of orthography related errors (Common English: mis-spullings) has been brought on by repeated exposure to the one and only, Robert Stacy McCain. Blogger extraordinaire and host of the The Other McCain.

After speaking to the ebullient Mr. McCain about the future of Jason and I's new site, The Conservative Political Report (Another shameless and prideless plug from a corporate whore such as myself.), I have concluded that "patient sero," prime carryier of the horribly contagious Alica Erroris virus, is Stacee.

Wunt proof? I hav prooof. Let's go to the experts,

Jules Crittenden-Wow, that almost sounds like high praise. McCain calls it “Conservative Poltical Report,” but we don’t go to McCain for his spelling. We go there to ponder the important issues of the day, like which one of Marie Osmond’s daughters is the lesbian! read more..

And you wil notis that I, the korpErate hore, fitz yet anothr plug in thar.

Now, on two the trending daytuh, from the commint sextion of mi last poste. I hav contraktid it

y21k · 3 days ago

Good post but you misspell Keith Hennessey's name.

Cthinker 43p · 2 days ago

oops, thanks for the correct. Don't want to disrespect the man cuz oof mah spullin.' Glad you enjoyed though, despite my stupidity.
Jason is obvyously infektd two,

R May 9th, 2009 at 7:38 pm e

Nice to hear the second coming is upon us, but you may want to copy and paste the name from the article.

Jason May 9th, 2009 at 8:01 pm e

HA! It took me a while to catch what you were saying. I’m changing that now. Thanks!

Alica Erroris has so badlee infuctd Jayson, that hee thoght Charly Crist, guvrnor of Floriduh, was the secund coming of Christ. Trulee sad.

Of corse like most pashients, MkCain is in denile. He thinks it is Pink I.

The Other McCain-Today, I twice had bad typos in posts. There is an explanation.

Last week, one of my teenagers came down with conjunctivitis -- "pink eye" -- and since then, each of our six children has had the same outbreak, in succession. Yesterday afternoon, my eyes started getting sore and now I've got it. (Family values!) read more...

I am sorree to onlee now be reproteng on this break out, but, virul trinds are usualee only notised aftr infektion.
Thinc abowt how long it took two idintifii the swin floo.

If you r wun of thos card karreeing greedee kapitlaist hores, then u cin obviouslee efford privut health kare. Here are som great providrs.

If u are mor preedispohzitiond to teh welfar state, her r sum grat xampls of univrsl hellth car. Thees r nut guranteed too slo ore stope the prugriss of the dreaded Alicia Erroris viris since, thar r long waits, rationng, and of curse the state's prefrence on witch meds git approoved.

The good news, it's RULE #5 Sunday!! Graciously provided by "patient zero" and his assistant blogger, Smitty. That means plenty o'skin for you card carrying hetero's and homosexuals, if you swing that way. McCain and his partner-in-crime are, after all, equal opportunity.

In honor of that, here we go.



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