Bob McDonnell: Uncontested in Vriginia's GOP Primary

A new model for GOP success might be arising in the state of Virginia with the former Attorney General, Bob McDonnell, accepting the uncontested GOP nomination for governor.

From the Washington Times.

Washington Times-Republican Bob McDonnell accepted his party's charge Saturday to pry the Virginia governor's office from Democratic control for the first time since 2002.

Before a roaring crowd of more than 10,000 delegates, the uncontested conservative former attorney general tacked toward the middle, focusing on jobs as unemployment climbs in a poor economy.

"To every Virginian who needs a job, to every small business owner trying to make payroll, to every retiree alarmed at losses in their retirement account, to every homeowner concerned about their home value, to every parent writing the next tuition check, to every clergyman struggling to keep a strong community," McDonnell said, "this campaign is for you."

If the GOP is victorious in the gubernatorial contest in Virginia and more importantly, New Jersey, they may have found the traction and message the desperately need. While Virginia has turned into a purple state, more importantly, New Jersey is a died in the wool liberal state. A victory by either Steve Lonegan or Chris Christie, both GOP candidates, within Jersey would definitely set a political tone for the mid-terms that favors Republicans.

But as I like to say, "Luck favors the prepared." Never count the liberal smear machine out. You still have Rahm and Axelrod to contend with and it is highly unlikely they will go away quietly.



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