Small Blog Roundup: Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Figured it was time for another roundup, so I got my lasso and went cyber rustling for some linkage. Here is what I found, for homegrown bloggage you have come to the right spot.

Thoughts for Thinkers-The first target of opportunity on my mission was a recent acquisition to ye olde friends connect. An interesting blog with thinker in the title, so it can't be all that bad and it isn't. In fact its pretty damn good.

The Conservative Mama-Great minds think alike. CM's latest is about the the neat commie comparison of the US to the now defunct Soviet Union ran by Pravda and a little Professor Michael Savage thrown in for good measure. This is the same Pravda article which was also posted here and is drawing so much liberal attention for me from a strange source known as, lol. Social sites and liberals, blah!!

The Conservative Dominion
-Again great minds. The CD is giving out tickets to a round up of their own, it is the weekend linkfest!! How can you go wrong? Nice blog and really cool header, thumbs up guys.

noliinsipientiuminiuriaspati-Huh? I failed Latin in college, however, I am fluent in Latin du Oinker. Cool blog with strange name. Very good article logically equating the new Green is nothing but the old Red. The folk[s] at NostradomusIlluminativeritas obviously are some fairly intelligent people. I like it!

Nixon's Ghost-Deviating in a deviant fashion from the Blogspot beaten path we shoot over to our WordPress brethren. Welcome to Nixon's ghost. Anyways, Nix is giving mad props to the liberal enemy number four, Johnny Bolton, former Bush appointed UN ambassador, for calling the NORK's atomic test shot days before it happened. Bolton is da' man for that one! If Nixon's ghost looks like the header on this blog, please haunt me.

Notoriously Conservative
-Great video of Bill Buckley debating brain dead MIT linguist, Noam Chomsky. Very cool blast form the past, a la Firing Lineage. You might remember the great Chomsky from his Distortions at Fourth Hand, where the moron in question claimed that most of the dead in Cambodia were caused by US B-52 air strikes, the number of civilian deaths were greatly exaggerated, and the Khmer Rouge was as innocent as a little lamb. Well Choms, I think the people of Cambodia would disagree with you, dullard.

Either way I digress, NC is a good blog and worthy of a read.

Well due to time constraints brought on by my bodies incessant need of sleep, this is going to be a shortened version of the usual. Peace, from the usually red South. A place where we love of our guns and God.



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