Erick Erickson's Criticism of David Souter

Evidently, Erick Erickson, editor-and chief of the popular conservative site, Red State, had some abject and foul criticism concerning retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter. Needless to say the left wing echo chamber is totally indignant.

Here is what Erickson said on Twitter,

Erick Erickson: The nation loses the only goat f*&king child molester to ever serve on the Supreme Court in David Souter’sretirement.

First on Erickson, this comment is totally out of line, especially from a guy who used to make his living as a lawyer. WTF was he thinking? Or maybe he wasn't.

Regardless of your political beliefs this is a standing Supreme Court Justice, granted on the liberal side of things, still there are a few things that need to remain sacred. The SCOTUS, to me, was one of those things.

Politicians and the media have already made a mockery of the Presidency, once a highly respected office, and Congress is so far down the garbage chute I don't think it will ever recover. Erickson's comments are right on par with Barney Frank calling Antonin Scalia, "a homophobe." Of course the major difference is Erickson is not a standing member of the overpayed garbage men and women occupying the Hill.

Now this brings up the Left, their reaction on the surface is to be expected. Whining and crying about statements they think the can use to paint any opponents as "crazy or lunatic fringe" is the tactical and strategic moniker they wear. And boy, do our little comrades wear it well. Look at Crooks and Liars' reaction, juvenille acrimony at its best.

Crooks and Liars-The conservative movement is in shambles and this doozy comes from online conservative blogger Erik Erickson of Red State. Do we need any more proof that they are all certifiable? What's up with conservatives and their tweets? The men in white suits should be called in very quickly because he needs a serious 30-day observation period. Don't forget to bring a straitjacket with you.

Tell you what Mr. Amato, when you are more concerned with a standing lawmaker running his suck and verbally assaulting a Supreme Court Justice then maybe you might have the street cred to worry about a blogger.

It's pretty damn pathetic when left leaning lunatics and hypocrites get up in arms about something very similar to what one of their own perpetrated not that long ago. Yet they still have nothing to say about Frank.

And people still wonder why this country is in the situation it is in.

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