President Obama and Notre Dame: Conflict Over Choice or Life.

Well the very controversial Notre Dame/Obama commencement speech is over. Protests took place and the President called for his obligatory ever-growing diversity -- diversity of thought, diversity of culture, and diversity of belief. Then "Poof!" it was over as quick as it began. Nothing accomplished.

More than just being a Catholic, and a pretty pitiful one, I oppose abortion on the grounds that whether there is life at the moment of conception or not, the one thing that is not debatable and that is its potential for sentient life. Therefore just adding to the list of reasons I personally oppose the President and Progressives on their pro-choice stances.

Taking the idea of choice into mind you have two avenues to consider when the idea of aborting an unborn child arises.

The first is the choice you have to practice somewhat safe sex or abstinence. These are your choices, liberals can gnash teeth, raise hell, cry, and whine. However it doesn't change the basic fact that most of the time sex is about free will. Also, science has actually figured out what causes pregnancy and even come up with a few ways to protect yourself against it if you don't feel you are ready for a child. I guess the simple idea of contraception is to difficult to digest so the easier argument about abortion rages on. Can you smell my sarcasm?

The second idea is that of the liberty, free will, and choice of that little piece of tissue which marvelously grows into what we know as a human being. Maybe just maybe, that little germinating hunk of cells would like a chance to live and possibly become prosperous. Or maybe it will become a dreg of society which will drain our resources and hurt others it comes in contact with. Who are we to decide what fate should befall an unborn child because of the background they are born into? I would rather pass judgment on a murdering adult and commit him or her to the gas chamber before I make the call on the future of the unborn.

I know we were told that the election of the President heralded in a shift in the paradigm of thought of the American people to a more progressive and secular frame of mind. Nevermind the latest poll on abortion presented by Gallup recently which shows a vast majority of Americans consider themselves pro-life. Just smoke and mirrors.

The battle will rage and abortions will continue because people no longer have the fortitude to realize as in most things, you aren't fated or predestined, you always have a choice. The only difficulty is whether or not you are pro-choice for the right thing or not.



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