Small Blog Roundup: Monday, May 25th, 2009

The Small Blog Roundup seemed to go over without a hitch and was fairly well received by the brethren of small bloggers. So, in between some regional Southern barbecue and a not so healthy dose of Guinness, I found some time to get in the second edition.

Well today we have a myriad of topics ranging from musings, to babes with guns, to Texans quoting Shakespeare, and everything in-between.

Amusing Bunni's Musings-Everybody needs a bunni buddy in the blogosphere. Bunni warns us not to believe all the socialist tripe that free art museums in Chi-town are enjoyable. It is just a ruse to get you to spend money to support the State. (She didn't say the last part, that myself.)

Cocked and Loaded-You want some John "The Duke" Wayne, Pill-grahm? Well, here you get it, along with some 2nd Amendment defense. Damn it, anybody seen my ammo?

Armed Babes-No commentary, just like the title states, "Armed Babes." How can you go wrong with pics of some nice looking ladies wielding the latest in high powered weaponry? Quite a thought provoking blog.

America, Home of the Brave, Land of Disenchantment-You want top-notch, hardcore, bloggery? Well my friend, this is it. This veteran of the Gulf War, second edition, doesn't pull any punches.

PaleoCon Command Center-Like the blog's author, Brooke, points out, sure is s-m-u-r-t to send Jihadist foot-soldiers detained in Gitmo to prisons in the US. Hey, it is difficult to recruit abroad then flip the bill to send the boys over to America. We should make it easy on them and let them recruit locally. I am thinking Brooke for Director of National Intelligence, she seems to have more than enough common sense.

South Texian-Now I have to admit at first this blog confoozed me. I open it up and there is a Texan quoting Shakespeare and he is taking on the Crunchy Con, Rob Dreher. Then I read further and find the author is employed in academia, that answered my question. (Don't anyone get upset, just a friendly jibe at Texas.) Nevertheless, well written, cognitive, and a pleasant read.

Despina D. Karras-Rounding off this edition is Miss Karras a lawyer, don't worry we won't hold that against you, blogger, and self-admitted politicophile. I think that means she is a political junkie. She has some enlightening thoughts on the long term effects of cap and trade, plus she used Heritage as a reference. For a lawyer, she can't be all that bad. Really good blog with a very relaxing layout and color scheme.

Well that just abut wraps this little project up. Besides nothing sets heavier than Ribs and a Guinness, making you want to sleep. Have a happy Memorial Day and remember, kiss a vet!



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