Republican and Conservative Women, The Body Politic

You know, Stacy McCain made a great point, via Ann Coulter, that the stereotypical conservative guy is seen as being some aged, balding, white guy, with a bad complexion and he sweats too much. Well, it got me thinking about the stereotypical view of conservative woman also.

Here is what used to pop in my mind.

Here is the reality though.

Can't forget the recent advent of one Michelle Muccio, the Rebel Economist.

Oh if I only lived back in DC the Rebel would have a!!

Let's not forget to mention the field of candidates and elected officials that conservatives are offering up these days.

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that is a million dollar smile.

How can you go wrong with a woman who is over fifty, hot, and loves the 2nd Amendment?

Another million dollar smile in the making.

Even FOX News has an impressive line-up.

Of course we cannot forget our Democratic colleagues, that just wouldn't be fair or fun. Here are the women of the Left.

Ooooh, did someone turn my stool upside down again? You jokers!

Aaah, I love when the tingle goes up my leg!!

Hey Olberman, I turned your stool upside down. You have room for one more???

Well here are some of their men.

Whew!! Glad I am on the Right!!

Finally, I know this is juvenile but the world is too damn serious these days and a little humor, even if it is tasteless, is what we need from time to time.



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