Mitt Romney: The Presidential Candidate I used to Despise

On my ride home today, I gave Jason, a part time contributor here at PACT and owner of The Western Experience, a call to see how goings on in his life were progressing and just catch up on daily events. After a few minutes of talking he said something I never thought I would hear coming out of his very conservative mouth, "I am really impressed by Romney and I think he might be the man for 2012."

I was completely aghast by this statement. You see, Jason and I share many common grounds as conservatives and our expectations of conservative candidates are very similar. I think I can speak for him when I say we are looking for a conservative whose economic roots are mostly libertarian, slightly, but not totally, neo-conservative when it comes to national defense and foreign policy, an advocate of small government, and a mainly a traditionalist on social and cultural issues. For these reasons I was utterly perplexed by his take on Romney.

Both of us supported Fred Thompson in the Republican primaries of 2008. After he dropped out I quite looking. I could never connect with Huckabee, McCain is McCain, Giuliani, while I respect him, is way to North East Republican for my taste, and then there was Romney. His fake tan, his Ken doll persona, his bantering against Huckabee, and his always seeming tense put him at the bottom of my list. To me he did not display the characteristics of a man who possessed his supposed executive skills and predisposition.

When I asked Jason why was he now thinking about Romney as a serious candidate he suggested I watch Romney's latest interview he did with Wolf Blitzer. He pointed out that Romney's coherence, fluidity, and intellect had impressed him. So I watched it with an open mind. Here is the interview.

I actually saw what Jason was describing. An articulate, cool handed, even keel speaker, able to transition from one topic to another and command the issue. This was one of Romney's best interviews I have seen recently and it impressed the living hell out of me.

Personally, I still cannot say whether or not I would suggest Romney as the new face for the GOP, it is still far to early to decide. However, as I mentioned before, I am VERY impressed with his showing so far and he is definitely on my radar as a potential GOP leader and even a possible GOP candidate in 2012 for the POTUS.

Jason's take on the Romney interview.



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