God, it's torture to hear Pelosi lie.

The scandal over Pelosi's knowledge of the use of EIT's just won't go away for the embattled Speaker of the House.

Sources have leaked to the Politico that Pelosi definitely knew about waterboarding as early as February 4th, 2003.

The Politico-But there’s no dispute that on Feb. 4, 2003 — five months after Pelosi’s September meeting — CIA officials briefed Pelosi aide Michael Sheehy and Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.), then the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, on the specific techniques that had been used on Zubaydah — including waterboarding.

Also, she was willing to let Harmon carry her water in the fight so she didn't draw too much political ire in her direction.

According to the Pelosi confidant, Sheehy told Pelosi about the briefing — and later informed Pelosi, the newly elected minority leader, that Harman was drafting a protest letter. Pelosi told Sheehy to tell Harman that she agreed with the letter, the Pelosi insider said. But she did not ask to be listed as a signatory on the letter, the source said, and there is no reference to her in it.

This was obviously being driven by the political climate of the country at the time. No politician would want to be seen as stopping anything that was being used to prevent a potential terrorist attacks against the US or its citizens. Since Pelosi and Harmon don't play well together, it isn't hard to figure that she [Pelosi] was willing to let Harmon be the fall-girl if her little memo attempt went South.

This could evolve politically into a bad nightmare for the Speaker if the press keeps hammering away at it. I think the American people will finally have proof of what a few of us have always known, much of the garbage being spewed out of the Beltway by most Democrats was nothing more than political opportunism against Bush, even at the cost of national security.

For the GOPERS, start at the top with Pelosi and work your way down. This is a political disaster being offered up on a silver platter. Now let's watch and see what they are going to do with it.

Vodka Pundit, Hot Air, and NRO have more on the subject.

(H/T to memeorandum)

Update: On Michelle Malkin there is an offering on when waterboarding just might be appropriate.



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