Small Blog Roundup: Saturday May 23rd, 2009

This was a little something I was doing a few months back, then in my blogging A.D.D. lifestyle that I am so fond of, I moved away from it. Well, it's back and going to be more consistent since I enjoy seeing what those small bloggers, such as myself, have to say about life, politics, culture, and society.

Without further adieu,

Right Klik-One of my favorite smaller blogs. Klik has to be the hardest working small blogger I have seen in recent times. Not only putting out some damn fine observations and commentary he peruses the Righty blogs with the fierceness of a blogging Patton. Always on the move.

The 46-Rob Verdi, proprietor of the 46in08, uses some of the best sources for his economic and foreign policy observations. I love his use of charts and graphs, a pic is worth a thousand words. Plus they are great for people who are distracted by pretty colors, like me.

Self Evident Truths-The latest acquisition to the reading list is Euripides. A History and Political Science professor, talk about some major credentials. In Euri's latest post, he gives his self admitted snarky take on this weeks events.

M, Conservative Operative-Besides being a great read, I love the pic of the red shoes in the header. (Before you ask, "No I don't want a pair.") M, makes a great case for making Pelosi the the poster child for Liberal Progressives. Instead of trying to re-brand Dems as socialists, maybe GOP strategists should look at re-branding them as Pelosists.

Common Sense
-Run by the ObamaNation, a very frustrated conservative college student wading in a sea of lower liberal thought, who always brings it to the table when commenting on the the current administration and their policies.

Right is Right-I am still wondering what is up with the pic of Kathleen Parker. Could it be? Naaaah. Good blog though.

Conservative Generation-Another enlightened thinker on the right. Not sure about C-Gen's street cred but he has some damn fine opinions on economics. Very much worth the read.

The Indy Mind
-An old libertarian blogging friend from a ways back, Ark gives out a healthy dose of libertarianism in every post. Great take on the Obama versus Cheney debacle being waged right now. If you like free markets and individualism, Arkady is your go to guy.

Left Coast Rebel
-LCR is a Cali based Libertarian blogger who like Arkady is all about the personal freedoms this country was founded upon. In his second to latest post, LCR explains why Obama is Californizing the rest of the country. (Shameless and prideless plug: Remember us critical thinkers made this same point some months ago. Hey we are ahead of the power curve too. Sometimes.)

The Pajama Underground-You want unrepentant conservatism?!?! Here you go. No questions need to be fielded about PJU's political opinions on the administration.

In a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World-A big dose of off the cuff humor that is bound to piss off somebody, totally not PC. That is why I love it!!

Throwing Stones-Blogging from a former ground pounding infantry grunt and Army vet of the Gulf War, first edition. All I have to say is, "Go, Navy!!" Despite my obvious bias for our fine members of the pier-queer fraternity versus the HUA's, I definitely agree with TS's take on Obama's consistently blaming the previous administration for his inability to deal with the present day's problems.

Well that is it for the round up today. Hopefully in-between BBQ-ing and having a Guinness or two I will be able to bring more smaller blogs to light. Remember most of these folks are just your ordinary, average, everyday, people expressing their opinions and exercising their 1st Amendment rights. In my opinion they are the real experts on how political policy affects everyone's lives, since they are living it.



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