Clean Coal and Lies

You may have seen this video concerning clean-coal technology, via They make the claim that it doesn't exist. Well, some news out of China puts a different light on the Green spin about clean-coal tech.

From Technology Review,

Technology Review-China looks set to overtake the United States in the application of technologies to clean up coal-fired power generation, if several proposed projects come to fruition. GreenGen--a joint venture established by Chinese utilities--has broken ground on China's first integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant and signed agreements to build two more. read more...
The Chinese have been leading the way in gasification technology since 2004 versus zero attempts here in the US. Actually the technology was looked into as an alternative in the 70's due to the energy crisis. However, in the 80's when fuel prices fell the science was largely abandoned.

How it works, via Technology Review,
Technology Review-Gasification transforms coal's complex mix of hydrocarbons into a hydrogen-rich gas known as synthesis gas, or "syngas." Power plants can burn syngas as cleanly as they can natural gas. In addition, with the right catalysts and under the right conditions, the basic chemical building blocks in syngas combine to form the hydrocarbon ingredients of gasoline and diesel fuel. As a result, coal gasification has the potential both to squelch power plants' emission of soot and smog and to decrease China's growing dependence on imported oil. It could even help control emissions of carbon dioxide, which is more easily captured from syngas plants than from conventional coal-fired plants. read more...

I guess it is safe to accuse the the folks at of blatantly lying to the American public. With the amount of coal that is in this country our energy concerns could easily be alleviated. However, groups such as this do not want to hear about any options other than what they offer. They don't like competition, especially ones which could prove more successful. More Gore-bull Warming at its best.

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