On the Hill (Featuring: Armstrong Williams, Bob Gates, & Barack Obama)

Let's look at where the Hill dwellers are migrating today. Armstrong Williams makes a plethora of excuses for the Libs "Culture of Corruption," Ole'Bob Gates is gettin' tough, Prez-Elect Obama appoints Donavan HUD Sec.

>Armstrong Williams on Political Corruption


Dear Armstrong,

Why is it now "everyone" is corrupt when the Libs are dropping like flies? I don't remember that being said when it was Repubs suffering from the corruption blues. Why are you defending the Great Leader when no one has really made anything other than soft allegations? Worried about something? Oh yeah, please give me an example of what leadership he has shown except silence. Finally, I am not sure sure which Republican you are mentioning in your "expert analysis." But I am sure he is fluffing up the pillows in the Big House for Blogajevich, Rangel, and Jefferson.

Gates warns U.S. enemies not to test Obama

The Hill.com-In a surprise visit to the Middle East Saturday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned U.S. enemies that they would test President-elect Obama at their own peril.

“Anyone who thought that the upcoming months might present opportunities to ‘test’ the new president would be sorely mistaken,” Gates said in Bahrain.

“President Obama and his national security team, myself included, will be ready to defend the interests of the United States and our friends and allies from the moment he takes office on Jan. 20.” read more...
Bob Gates is a pragmatic sort of a fellow most in the military are proud to work for. He has continuously listened to his troops on the ground and made his decisions based on their observations and opines. Other than a playoff system for the BCS, the Gates pick is about the only thing the Prez-elect and I agree on. I'm sure Bama is loosing sleep over that.

Obama picks Donovan to lead HUD

The Hill.com-President-elect Obama on Saturday announced Shaun Donovan as his choice to run the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Donovan currently serves under Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a commissioner of Housing Preservation and Development in New York City.

“With experience that stretches from the public sector to the private sector to academia, Shaun will bring to this important post fresh thinking, unencumbered by old ideology and outdated ideas,” Obama said in his weekly radio address.

“He understands that we need to move past the stale arguments that say low-income Americans shouldn’t even try to own a home or that our mortgage crisis is due solely to a few greedy lenders,” Obama added. “He knows that we can put the dream of owning a home within reach for more families, so long as we’re making loans in the right way, and so long as those who buy a home are prepared for the responsibilities of homeownership.” read more...

I don't know but for some reason I am smelling another stimulus package wrapped in the guise of home ownership assistance. How's about this stale old argument,"Quit trying to make everybody feel good and let them get a dose of reality, quit freaking trying to spend your way out of debt, and when a person can afford a house they will be able to buy one!" Is it that hard?

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