California AG Reverses Personal Opposition to Prop 8

The California Attorney General, Jerry Brown, is urging the state Supreme Court to overturn the ban on gay marriage. This is actually a reversal of position for the AG who originally supported the ban.

From Yahoo News,
SAN FRANCISCO – The California attorney general has changed his position on the state's new same-sex marriage ban and is now urging the state Supreme Court to void Proposition 8.
Jerry Brown filed a brief Friday saying the measure that amended the California Constitution to limit marriage to a man and a woman is unconstitutional. He says it deprives gay couples of a fundamental right.

After California voters passed Proposition 8 on Nov. 4, Brown said he would fight to uphold the initiative in his role as attorney general, even though he personally voted against it. read more...

Being a hate-mongering, homophobic, red-neck, Right-Winger, I am against gay marriage. However, what I find more disheartening, is the California AG caving to pressure and reversing his position. The voters of Cali. spoke, they don't want it. Let it be until the next opportunity for ballots to be presented to the public.

In the mean time the Homosexual community should continue its campaign to attempt to sway the voters consciousness. Vandalizing Mormon churches is not going to help their cause though.

Peaceful protest and presenting your case to the constituency is the way to go. It may take a little more time. Nevertheless, in the long run, the rulings would be more respected than incisive whining, badgering, and feet stamping. This makes this gay community look like children, which they are acting like.

UPDATE: Just minutes after posting this article I came upon an interesting post by Trig Palin Twoofer, Andrew Sullivan. It seems that Ole' Sullie is on his meds and had a moment of serene clarity. Unknowing to me, I was echoing his sentiments. Ugh, scary world we live in sometimes. Here is his thought.

The Atlantic-The bitterness endures; the hurt doesn't go away; the pain is real. But that is when we need to engage the most, to overcome our feelings to engage in the larger project, to understand that not all our opponents are driven by hate, even though that may be how their words impact us. To turn away from such dialogue is to fail ourselves, to fail our gay brothers and sisters in red state America, and to miss the possibility of the Obama moment.

It can be hard to take yes for an answer. But yes is what Obama is saying. And we should not let our pride or our pain get in the way. read more...
Still doesn't change my mind, but, I can at least respect the sentiment for honest dialogue. Too bad, Sullivan is usually loopier than an inmate in an asylum.



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