Blagojevich Files (Update: Blag Won't Appoint Senator)

The Blagojevich scandal has more twists and turns than an Indy track. Baretta's lawyer, who is also doubling as his sanity, reported that Blag will not seek to fill Obama's vacant Senate seat.

From Yahoo News,

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – The Illinois Supreme Court on Wednesday denied an effort to remove Gov. Rod Blagojevich, rejecting what could have been the quickest way to force the Democrat from office. Blagojevich's lawyer, meanwhile, said the governor would not appoint someone to fill Barack Obama's vacant U.S. Senate seat, potentially answering one of the key questions surrounding the scandal.

"Harry Reid said that they're not going to accept anybody he picks," said attorney Ed Genson, referring to the Senate majority leader. "Why would he do that?"

The state court's ruling came as Genson was challenging the strength of the corruption case against Blagojevich before a panel of lawmakers considering whether to recommend impeachment. read more...
As noted in our earlier post, rationality is not something one can expect out of Blagojevich. Although since he has retained legal counsel his mouth-piece seems to be keeping him under wraps. One might wonder how long that can last once the Thorazine and shock treatment wears off the little fella.

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