On the Hill (Blackwell for RNC Chair, Franken demands ANOTHER recount, & House work week to be extended.)

Daily look at the Hill and what the Congress folk are up to. Blackwell makes bid for RNC Chair, Franken wants ballots recounted, AGAIN, House work week to be extended.

Blackwell enters GOP chairman race
The Hill.com-The race for Republican National Committee chairman got more crowded Friday as a prominent conservative made a splashy entrance.

r Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, who has strong ties to the party’s conservative wing, is the latest candidate to declare for the position, doing so Friday in an email to RNC members.

Touting himself as a strong fundraiser with electoral experience and a vision for the future of the party
(as well as a part-owner of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team), Blackwell promised to pull no punches. read more...
As noted Blackwell is the 2nd American-African to enter the race for RNC chair, the first was former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele. Blackwell, like Steele has some notoriety as a Fox News Analyst, both have past electoral experience, and some success at fund-raising. The difference between the two is Blackwell is considered to be very conservative, whereas Steele is seen as somewhat moderate.

Franken wants rejected Minn. ballots counted

The Hill.com-Democrat Al Franken is asking each Minnesota county to reconsider a number of rejected absentee ballots while claiming a four-vote lead in the recount of the undecided Senate race.

The campaign alleges that the absentee ballots were improperly disqualified. Franken is in a tight with Sen. Norm Coleman (R) for the only Senate seat yet to be decided.

"Today we are sending a letter to all 87 counties asking them that … the ballots for which there is no legal justification for them not being counted be opened and counted," said Franken attorney Marc Elias in a conference call Friday. read more...

Franken, h
as recently threatened to use his extensive Holly-weird connections to get the full cast of CSI to participate in the forensics investigation into missing ballots. This will be done to maintain the integrity of the investigation since they are all actors who play professionals on television.

House will return to five-day work week in 2009

The Hill.com-House Democratic leaders have decided to lengthen the congressional workweek next year as they try to implement President-elect Obama’s agenda and clear a backlog of priorities no longer subject to the veto of President Bush.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) released a 2009 schedule on Friday that includes 11 five-day weeks and 18 four-day weeks. The House is scheduled to be in session for 137 days before the target adjournment date of Oct. 30. read more...
Therapists will also to be stationed on the Hill for Congressional members suffering from the trauma induced by the extended work weeks. Other suggestions have ranged from "nappy time" during the day to buckets of ice for members of Congrees to stick their heads in. The latter suggestion has drawn criticism since a noted side effect is "waking up to reality."

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