Israeli Ground Game

Israel's devastating response to the Hamas rocket attacks is escalating even further. So far, almost 300+ are reported dead in Palestine and many Hamas symbols of power lay in ruin. And the attacks seem to be just ramping up.

According to an AP report, the Israeli army has just re-called almost 6,500 reservists, doubled the number of troops of the Gaza border, and called up an artillery battery to the border, also.

Israeli operations have not just been isolated to Gaza City. From Media Line, air-strikes, in the opening hours of the operation, have also been launched against the tunneling operations between Egypt and the Gaza strip. These conduits have been serving contraband outlets supplying terrorists with logistics to keep up operations against Israel. Estimates have been made that at least 40 of the tunnels have been hit so far. Egyptian officials were warned prior to the air raids so that their forces could be pulled back from the border.

The IDF is giving more hints for an upcoming ground offensive in Gaza. From Reuters, "You've got to go," an army spokesman told a Reuters correspondent after she appealed a military police directive to clear out. Excluding the press could help Israel keep under wraps its preparations for a possible ground assault against Hamas."

Meanwhile in Lebanon, Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah, seems to share these concerns. From; in a televised speech Nasrallah said, "This is exactly what happened with us. The possibilities and the same possibilities, the conspiracy is the same, the battle is the same battle, and the result, Allah willing, will be the same result," the Hezbollah leader told the crowd."

Although a two front war, one in the south with Hamas and another in the north with Hezbollah, would stretch the IDF further. Nasrallah has given no indication that they will be attacking Israel in the near future. Most of his rhetoric has been directed at the Arab world., "In a televised speech, Nasrallah attacked the Arab world, accusing some Arab nations of collaborating with Israel. He urged residents of Arab states to take to the streets to protest the IDF attacks. "

All of this, and Pakistan moving about 100,000 troops to the Indian border. What can you say, just another day at that the office.

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