Republican Anh “Joseph” Cao defeats Democrat William “Dollar Bill” Jefferson

Cao defeated incumbent, Dollar Bill Jefferson, by a 50-47% victory, for the House seat in Louisiana’s highly Democratic 2nd Congressional District. Cao is a Vietnamese immigrant who formerly taught philosophy at Loyola University New Orleans, where he earned his Juris Doctor in 2000. Prior to his victory Cao was lawyer in the local New Orleans area.

From the Times Picayune.
His [Dollar Bill] defeat came on a day of abysmally low turnout, which political pundits had predicted could be Jefferson's undoing despite his demographic and political advantages.

Ironically, had Gustav not postponed the voting schedule one month, the general election would have been held the same ballot as last month's presidential election, when high turnout among African-American voters likely [
major assumption] would have carried Jefferson to a 10th term.
Cao, like Bobby Jindal, ran on a platform of reforming the state of Louisiana’s abysmal
l political landscape. Jefferson has been seen by many as a purveyor, or poster child, of this corrupted system. Cao’s victory was by no means a mandate or landslide. However, the 2nd District is almost 66% Democratic, or 2 out of every 3 registered voters. Even if there was a low American-African turnout, the number of Libs within the district should have easily compensated and been in favor of Jefferson.

Regardless, the unseating of the career Representative, Dollar Bill, is a victory for the local voters in the district. The only justice left to be dispensed is the conviction of this crook who has made his living off the backs of the poor in New Orleans.

Picture credit to Times-Picayune.

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