FireDogLake, Rove, and the Apocalypse

I am now waiting for the Moon to become as red as sack cloth, fire to shoot from the heavens, and the Four Horseman to ride the skies. This is truly the Apocalypse. FireDogLake, a group of Libtarded Collectivists, guilty of all sorts of moonbattery, has endorsed Karl Rove’s one man campaign to prevent Eric Holder from assuming Attorney General.

FireDogLake-Wow. It sure isn't every day that I wish Karl Rove the best of luck, but today is that rarest of days. Go get em Karl, because the nation needs a lot cleaner and more inspirational person than Eric Holder to lead the Department of Justice out of the morass the Bush Administration has placed it in.
I am scared, I am truly scared. Mommy!!!

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