Dems Set the Experience Bar Even Lower With Caroline Kennnedy

Seems like all you need these days to become a Senator is a high powered name, or a funny one, no practical political experience except some fund raising, and be owed a couple of favors by the winning candidate.

From Bloomberg,
Dec. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy, will seek the U.S. Senate seat Hillary Clinton is vacating to become secretary of state.

She plans to ask New York Governor David Paterson to consider her for the Senate appointment, said her spokesman Stefan Friedman.

New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein also confirmed that Kennedy is seeking the job. “She told me this is something she wants to do,” said Klein. He was Kennedy’s boss as she helped raise $65 million from foundations as head of the school system’s Office of Strategic Initiatives.
How convenient that Hillary Clinton is moving on to greener pastures at State. Coincidentally, leaving an opening for Caroline, who has done massive fund raising for Team Bama and helped ole Joey Biden become Veep. This doesn't smell of Chi-Town pay offs, not in the least.

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