DeMint and Civil Unrest

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) raises prospect of civil unrest due to the bailouts of major corporations. Everyone is going to want their piece of the Federal pie. But, what is going to happen when they realize the pie has already been eaten up?

The mind of a politician is always difficult to decipher. On one hand you don't know if the cretin is using fear tactics to gain support for his cause du jour. Or if they are speaking their mind out of genuine concern. This is exactly the corner we are painted into by Senator DeMint.

Regardless of his intentions he does raise a plausible scenario. Most of the American people are just now feeling the trickle down effects of the credit crunch and the recession. If it deepens our little credit driven consumer mentality is going to get a major shock. How people will respond when they cry for help and there isn't any is something to contemplate. Hopefully we will react like we always have, as Americans.

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