Obama's Progressive Lie

Progressive/Collectivists are howling, ad naseum, about President-elect Obama’s “center-right” slate of cabinet choices. Much like the Bush team ingratiated the Evangelicals in 2000 and 2004 then turned their backs on campaign promises, Obama may be demonstrating the same pattern.

In a video from Hardball, via Brietbart.com, Chris Matthews, Tim Carpenter of the Progressive Democrats of America, and David Corn, Washington-Bureau-Chief of Mother Jones discuss possible scenarios of why Obama has picked the moderate team which he is currently assembling.

Justifications fly and lips are quivering as the Progressive “think tank” tries to rationalize Obama’s moves. Matthews’ inner tingle is leading him to believe it’s a “head-fake” to build up moderate support while Obama governs as a Liberal Progressive. Corn, tries to reduce the reasoning that America’s consensus positions are now Liberal and poor little Carpenter just keeps getting humiliated.

The only head-fake and hoodwink being perpetrated is on the Progressive Liberals, by Obama. The very same scheme, used on Evangelicals, by the Bush administration to get into the White House. Silly Liberals, this is why you look to history to understand tomorrow.



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